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DataPerfect 2.6Y (release date 16-6-2008)  
Thanks to Lew Bastian we've got a new DP version 2.6Y. Please read the comments from Lew and Brian below carefully. I have to do some formatting, because there are a lot of HTML codes written by Lew and I've got to get the software to show them. The entire text is also packed with the zipped DP2.6y.


Here is a new zip file that includes two versions of DataPerfect that only differ by a single byte. The versions of DP2.6Y are DP26YI.EXE and DP26YU.EXE, and the only difference is in the web text output for a text field having a format suffix of ;;W the first version surrounds underlined text with ... and the second with ... . Those used to HTML will note that these are the codes for italics and underline. Perhaps I should add italics support to DP in addition to that for bold and underline, but as an old DOS application, DataPerfect is already far beyond it's initial goals, and adding italics would severely stress it. I think I'd rather try to make progress on a Windows version.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 19 June 2008 )

Book: Mastering DataPerfect  
Ralph Alvy's book Mastering DataPerfect is now available from this site for free as PDF document.
Click here for the downloadpage
Last Updated ( Sunday, 12 June 2005 )

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Last Updated ( Monday, 28 February 2005 )

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DataPerfect 2.6X (release date: Dec. 3, 2004)
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The DataPerfect Users Discussion Group
DataPerfect 2.6X (release date: Dec. 3, 2004)
Format of .STR file
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